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Cheerleading Classes in Montgomery AL

At Ignite Cheer Company, we focus on small class training. In doing so, it gives each child individual attention, helping develop individual abilities and creating a well-rounded cheerleader. Class time focuses on proper motions, jump technique, and tumbling, tailored to each student’s skill level.

We have a 4:1 student to coach ratio for all of our classes. Meaning, for every 4 students there is 1 coach. If there are 8 students in the class there will be 2 coaches. If there are 12 students in a class there will be 3 coaches… etc.

Classes that are offered at Ignite Cheer Company are designed to improve students as a whole. Most cheer-leading gyms only focus on tumbling which is just one facet of cheerleading. Each class is beneficial and will prepare your child for the next level of competition—whether that be for school tryouts or your local competitive team.

Miss a Tumbling Class? Email us at today to schedule a make-up class!

Classes Offered

Intro Tumbling Classes

Cartwheel, roundoff, backbend, backbend kick over, back walkover, front walkover, cartwheel back walkover

Intermediate Tumbling Classes

Back handspring, roundoff back handspring, back walkover back handspring, front walkover roundoff back handspring, roundoff back handspring series, standing back handspring series, cartwheel back handspring

Advanced Tumbling Classes

Standing tuck, roundoff back handspring tuck, roundoff tuck, standing back handspring tuck, cartwheel tuck, back walkover tuck, seriest back handspring to tuck, front punch, whip, roundoff back handspring layout, roundoff back handspring full

Class Makeup Policy

  1. Because of our strict student-to-teacher ratio, missed classes will not result in prorated tuition or refunds.
  2. Makeup classes are offered once a week.
  3. If you have missed a class and would like to schedule a makeup please email MCC&T at You must schedule a makeup. You are not allowed to just show up.
  4. Please email to schedule your makeup class with the following format: 1. Students name 2. Students missed class (the date of the missed class and time) 3. Makeup class you would like to attend (please pick from the scheduled makeup list below)
  • EX: Sally Smith, missed her regular Monday class on August 10 at 4:25 and we would like to make it up on Thursday, August 28 at 6:45.
  1. Any tumbling class missed must be made up during that same month. EX: If you miss a class on September 15, you MUST make it up by the end of September or you lose the chance to make it up.
  2. UPCOMING MAKEUP CLASS DATES: Email us at to schedule your missed make-up class today!